American Oak 
Solid Strip Timber Flooring

American White Oak Flooring is a light timber in its raw form and is known for its pronounced grain patterns and excellent staining capabilities. This oak is popular worldwide and encompasses numerous American species. In appearance and colour, it is very similar to European Oak. American Oak is characterised by ‘v grain’ and the presence of growth rings.

American Oak Wood is elegant and includes pale to honey and golden browns. Although stunning with natural clear finishes, American Oak is the perfect timber for staining. When staining American Oak, Provincial Floors can achieve unique colours with minimal blotching as this species has extremely open pores and absorbs stain readily.

American Oak Floorboards are dense and durable and are also very resistant to insect and fungal infection due to its high level of tannic acid. Furthermore, it has high water resistance.

American Oak Timber Flooring is machined to various widths and thicknesses. Shown below are your choices of American Oak milling and are all subject to availability.
14mm Thick
63mm Wide
85mm Wide
110mm Wide
130mm Wide
155mm Wide
180mm Wide
205mm Wide
230mm Wide
19mm Thick
63mm Wide
85mm Wide
110mm Wide
130mm Wide
155mm Wide
180mm Wide
205mm Wide
230mm Wide
255mm Wide
280mm Wide

    Janka Rating: 6.0

    Hardness rating: The hardness rating of a timber species is measured by the Janka Test. This is a standard test which measures the penetration into the timber of a common load and projectile. The results relate to a hardness capacity of the material and are expressed in kN. This information is useful where the timber may be subject to potential damage from impacts e.g. a dance floor. There are 2 sets of published figures; one for 'Green' or freshly felled timber and one for seasoned timber - i.e. timber with a moisture content of 12%.

    The ratings given here are:
    Soft - less than 5.5
    Moderate - 5.5 to 7.0
    Hard - 7.1 to 10.0
    Very Hard - greater than 10.0

    Janka Rating should be used as a guide only.

    Flooring is graded during manufacturing to Australian Standards resulting in Select, Standard, Feature and Prestige and Rustic grade. Grading is simply a sorting process based on a set of rules that permits specific features up to a certain size and number. This species may or may not carry all of these grades, contact our office for accurate gradings.

    Select Grade

    Select Grade is a subtle feature grade of timber flooring which provides a limited variation in natural characteristics. The features that are present are relatively small and few in number. Irrespective of the species although visible do not dominate the appearance of the floor. It has been carefully graded, floorboard by floorboard to ensure that it meets strict quality standards. It has a sleek uniform look that is well suited to modern, minimalist and traditional styles. This will have the least number of natural features such as pin holes and gum veins.

    Standard Grade

    This grade contains boards that may be moderately featured. Where gum veins are more prevalent in a species, considerably more character is provided to the floor and may look quite dominant in light coloured species. Species in this grade with less gum vein may appear more lightly featured due to smaller features being prevalent such as those from previous borer activity. Standard Grade is distinguished by highlighting selective gum veins, spirals, burls, insect trails and other natural variations that give timber floors a unique character as individual as a signature. This grade is a visual chronicle of forest history including bush fires, floods, drought, insect travels and the natural variations that appear in the grain of Australian native hardwoods. Standard grade is carefully graded to include the most interesting variations and distinctive timber marking to enhance the looks of a timber with a moderate amount of natural features.

    Feature Grade

    Feature Grade features a high level of natural characteristics. In many respects this grade can look similar to Standard Grade but with the features a little more frequent and dominant. This grade offers a unique rustic aged appearance with extenuated natural features including gum vein, knots, face checking and insect travels.

    Prestige Grade

    Combines the features of Select Grade and Standard grade to provide a floor with more character than a Select Grade Floor.

    Rustic Grade

    Fully featured to provide an old world charm. It may contain features that are more prominent than Feature Grade but with the structural integrity of a Feature Grade Floor.

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    American Oak Flooring
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