Installation Service 
Solid Strip Timber Flooring

Since our inception in 2001, Provincial Floors has had a substantial role in developing the installation procedures for Solid Strip Flooring. Provincial Floors introduced the plywood underlay system in 2001 and has trained over 800 timber flooring installers and polishers in Melbourne.

Installation of Solid Strip Flooring in Melbourne will subsequently occur after the plaster stage has been completed in your home. Skirting boards, architraves and kitchens are installed after the timber floor. It is imperative that Provincial Floors has access to your project on the day the work commences. Deliveries to your project will be present during the installation period. After a thorough inspection of your subfloor, our installer’s main objective is to provide you with a timely and meticulous installation. If our installer identifies issues regarding your site or subfloor condition, Provincial Floors will advise you on solutions to overcome these hurtles. Read about our Subfloor Preparation Service here. Our installers will use their professional carpentry skills and abide by our strict guidelines and instructions to complete your job to the highest standard possible.

Provincial Floors will be able to identify hurtles even before inspecting the job. With simple questions in your first showroom walkthrough, our team can identify problems and offer you the necessary solutions to ensure your new floor is installed in the best manner possible. An effective solution in meeting the height of existing timber floors, tiles or carpet is to use a plywood underlay system. This can create consistency between the different flooring heights in your home, providing a better finish.

Installation techniques will be tailored to a hand-full of factors:

  • Subfloor Type/Condition
  • Material Chosen
  • Environmental Factors I.e. surrounding moisture

Provincial Floors offers the service to install Solid Strip Timber Flooring over:

  • A Plywood Underlay
  • A Chipboard Sub-Floor
  • Joists and Bearers
  • Battens

Provincial Floors will only install the material it supplies.

To ensure the longevity and performance of your floor, Provincial Floors will only install the material it supplies. A quality floor starts with high quality timber. Provincial Floors sources from high calibre and reliable sawmillers to ensure you the best results.

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