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Popular Hardwood Species

American Oak
Grey Ironbark
Spotted Gum
Tasmanian Oak

Why choose Solid Strip Flooring?

Australia has one of the most diverse ranges of timber flooring species in the world. Species grow throughout Australia and reflect their conditions and landscape, creating unique characteristics.

Our Solid Strip Flooring range offers species with a broad spectrum of colours, tones and characteristics. This allows customers to select a species that will best compliment their palette and interior choices. Furthermore, clients have the versatility of choosing the grade of species they desire.  Grading is simply a sorting process based on a set of rules that permits specific features up to a certain size and number. Some individuals find that their spaces are complimented with more feature than others.

Australian Species offer different levels of durability and some can be more appropriate for your lifestyle and situation than others. Customers can refer to the Janka Rating system, in order to identify the density of their Hardwood Flooring. The higher the Janka Rating, the higher the density.

Solid Strip Flooring can be used over traditional joists and bearers and hence caters for older households and structures.

Solid Strip Flooring can also be used as an overlay - over plywood or chipboard sub-floors and existing timber or particle board.

Solid Strip Flooring can be re-sanded and polished several times over its life to restore your floor to its original condition.

View ourSolid Strip Flooring Gallery

View our Solid Strip Flooring Gallery

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