Subfloor Preparation

Subfloor preparation is a crucial but often overlooked step in achieving a high-quality timber floor. A subfloor refers to the substrate in which a timber floor will be installed on. Before our team commences any installation works, a subfloor must be checked for stability and plane in order to achieve a sound result within Australian Standards.

Subfloors that Provincial Floors installs Solid Parquetry Flooring over:

  • A Plywood Underlay
  • A Concrete Slab (direct stick)
  • A Chipboard Subfloor

The tolerance for a timber floor is extremely minimal. Subfloors must be accurate in plane and structurally sound. Often, high spots or low spots can occur throughout your subfloor, which will consequently affect your timber floor. In these cases, grinding, levelling and/or packing may need to take place before the installation of your timber flooring begins. Provincial Floors offers these services and will undertake a subfloor analysis prior to commencement of any installation works.

Installation of Parquetry

The installation of parquetry flooring is not for your average tradesmen. This process can be sophisticated and challenging. With quality craftsmen and innovative techniques, Provincial Floors installs parquetry at an industry leading level. Provincial Floors is known for completing high-end complicated parquetry jobs and is relied upon by prestigious leading builders and architects. Our team can incorporate circumnavigating borders throughout your parquetry floor to create something exceptional.

Sanding and Polishing of Parquetry

Our Comprehensive Parquetry Packages will conclude with the sanding and polishing of your parquetry floor. The floor will be sanded in order to remove impurities from the surface of the wood and creating a level and smooth surface. Sanding parquetry can be more challenging than strip flooring and requires expertise and experience. After sanding is concluded, the floor is subsequently polished with your desired finish. A flooring finish is used to seal and protect your timber from external harm and assist in meeting colour and sheen requirements. Our parquetry floors can be stained or oiled to a wide spectrum of colours that can match walls, furniture or other palettes. View our Solid Parquetry Gallery to find colour and design inspiration for your next project. Different finishes offer different levels of durability and may not be a practical option for your lifestyle. In your showroom walkthrough, you will be educated on the differences between each finish and their respective cost and suitability to your lifestyle and situation.

Finishes used by Provincial Floors include:

2 Pack Waterbased Polyurethane Finishes with staining

Natural and Coloured Oil and Wax Finishes with pretreatment

Solvent-Based Polyurethane Finishes with staining

Tung Oil Finishes

Provincial Floors will only Install and Finish the Parquetry it supplies.

To be able to maintain our resources for Comprehensive Parquetry Packages, Provincial Floors will not install or finish jobs for others.

Contact us about our Comprehensive Parquetry Flooring Packages

Contact our Office on 1300 551 907 to learn more about our Parquetry Flooring and how it can be incorporated throughout your space. Comprehensively supplied, installed and polished by Provincial Floors.


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