Solid American Oak Strip Flooring at Yarraville Residence


September 26, 2021

Solid American Oak Strip Flooring at Yarraville Residence

03. The Processes

In this case, the timber flooring substrate was a concrete slab. After the substrate was checked and approved for level and plane, our craftsmen installed a plastic moisture barrier and plywood over the slab. By doing this, the floor is helped to mitigate moisture and also fixings are provided through the plywood overlay. Our team began the installation of the flooring using trowel glue as well as secret nails - inline with industry standards. Provincial Floors uses Australia's most expensive and reputable glues that are certified to meet some of the toughest ‘green’ product requirements in Europe and the world. This ensures the floor is well adhered to the plywood without the use of harmful chemicals and properties. After months of work on this project by other trades, Provincial Floors conducted the Sanding and Polishing. Advanced sanding machinery and techniques were used to remove the impurities from the American Oak's surface ready for coating. Sanding was followed by coating of the floors and staircases on the project.

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